November 14, 2017

A Recap of my Staff Pick´s

After my 10th Staff Pick I thought:

Let´s do a recap.

I actually don´t know why the videos have been Staff Picked, but I try to give it reason.
Maybe it helps you to get a Staff Pick yourself some day.
(Hey some of you may already have had that)

My first one was over 8 years ago was the trailer of my final 78-minute film Master exam film “Born to Skate”.

I guess the reason it was picked was due to it´s Cinematographical approach towards Skateboarding, filming without Fisheyes, but using well-composed images.

On the other hand the surprising story arc, which ironically plays with the default role model of Skateboarding.

And last but not least maybe, due to the dynamic editing, the great Music by my Co-Director Chris Heck and the Story Elements put into the trailer.

All in all, I think a basic requirement for a Pick is always a kind of progression in any kind of your style in an original way.

What do you think?