November 14, 2017

FAQ about Jobs, Cooperations, Inquiries

Are you an artist or do you do work professional?


I am a professional full-time Film-maker and Artist. I work on my own ideas and inspirations and use them in cooperations with brands in commercial work.


So you also do free films, can you film me, my event, wedding etc for free?
Of course I do free films, when I want to cooperate with some artists. But on the other hand my time plan is so full that I do not have the time to film freely for anybody.
I get around 5 – 30 job inquiries a week. So please respect the time and don´t think I am too fancy for you. The internet just multiplies the contact requests and in my daily work I just don´t have the time to answer them all.


If so, please write an email with the following details.
Sheduled Time of the Film to be shot Workshop:
Total Budget:
Usage: (Web, TV, etc.)
Brands involved:
Please consider that normally I am booked out for half a year, to a year in advance.
What about cooperations.
Please also write in all the details. Do not write an email with something like:
Hey Sebastian, can you please call me, I want to shoot a film with you.
I am open to any inspiration, critique, cooperations and always happy to hear from someone with inspiration.


Your Sebastian Linda