Film, Music, Sounddesign, Editing, Camera by

Sebastian Linda


Last year my wife Sophia and me, went to a place, everybody said, is full of danger, and terror.
Iran. We had to see for ourselves. But not only for the two of us, but for somebody on the way…

Behind the scenes

5 years ago I started to self-teach me the piano. I always dreamt of composing something of my own.
When my Son Mio was born, I instantly had a melody in mind.
Mio mein Mio is a book from Astrid, and Mio is going into an adventure against dark forces, which he can conquer with bravery.

Well our world now is maybe exactly that adventure. So I hope, now that Mio already traveled to the End of the World, he knows that everywhere, people full of love are waiting for him.

The film and the song is dedicated to Mio and everyone who still searches out, to see the world in brave ways.

Making of on Request and interesting questions. Comment what you like to know.
After Loving Lanka, I wanted to do something challenging. In composing the track for this video out of the dark, I really felt like understanding something new and fascinating.


Filmed with
Lumix – Panasonic GH5
DJI Mavic