January 27, 2015

Travel Where You Live

We traveled around in our state Saxonia ,like we would do in a foreign country.
It´s amazing what you can find right in front of your door, if you just open your eyes and look
a little bit closer. So travel where you live and find the awesome places your country has to offer.
This is the beautiful Saxonia in Germany captured in pictures by Erik Gross and in the film by Sebastian Linda.

The best thing about this project, was that an concept idea became reality. Our trip was really awesome and we learnt a lot while travelling in front of our own door.

For this project with mainly filmed with the DJI Ronin and the 5D Mark III in Raw. Other shots were done with the GH4.



Sebastian Linda configuring for an awesome journey.

This is the Saxon Switzerland “Basteibrücke”. Here alone, just 20km infront of Sebastian´s front door you can travel for weeks.

DSC_3869 This is what we filmed with. A DJI Ronin and a Canon 5D MIII

DSC_4757 Chris pushing over the bridge during sunrise.

DSC_4137Wiebke and Sophia enjoying the sun in the Saxon Switzerland.

DSC_4205Beautiful environment

DSC_4035Sometimes it got a little dangerous filming from the best possible angle

DSC_4744_PSChris and Anke

DSC_4214Chris enjoying the incredible view

DSC_2221We also went to a park with full-size dinosaurs

DSC_4426Canoeing through the channels of Leipzig

DSC_4345We saw sweet Nutrias

DSC_4380Sophia during a little canoeing break

DSC_4476Anke showed us her high-bar skills

DSC_4478Sophia also cuts a fine figure on a skateboard

DSC_4504Chris skating in front of the famous “Völkerschlachtdenkmal” in Leipzig

DSC_4578Watching the sunset from the monument was beautiful

DSC_4534Filming on the stonewalls high above the ground was quite frightening

DSC_4964Freerunners Leo and Jo were also with us…

DSC_5023…and showed us their exceptional skills

P1170016Using the skateboard as a dolly

DSC_4912We were stoked when we found out, that the “Rakotzbrigde” is actually in Saxonia

DSC_5115Flying with a hot air balloon was an awesome finish for our projectDSC_5193We also got a certificate for our first balloon ride