The Beasts from the East



David Raderecht (Fuzz Me) – Undestroyable

Still Photography
Erik Gross

Additional Filming
Pät Schwarz
Tom Kleinschmidt




Three years ago I moved to the wild east of Germany called Dresden.
After some time I got to know the local skaters and wanted to film something new with this guys.

After the shitty summer of 2011 we were lucky to get some sunny days in November.
We had a lot of fun filming this clip and for me it has been a long time since my last skate-project Born to Skate.

With this clip the ‘Beast’ series started. Check out the other clips below.

The Epic and the Beasts
The Revenge of the Beasts

Performers: Tom Kleinschmidt, Richard Naumertat, Erik Gross, Marcel Heber, Octavio Trindade, Fred Störmer, David Raderecht, Sebastian Linda