The Revenge of the Beasts




Woodkid – Conquest of Spaces
Intro & Outro – Fuse

Still Photography
Erik Gross
Carsten Beier

Technical Assistant
Felix Angermaier

Red Epic provided by
Red Rental

Additional Filming
Tom Kleinschmidt, Erik Gross, Felix Angermaier

When I was 6 years old, I saw the first skateboarder in my life. I believed it was magic that made him fly. I realized that this has been a childish fantasy. But this year we decided to bring back my dream.

No tripods or dollies used. Just a skateboard, a car, and bodymovement. Filmed on the weekend of the 29 and 30th June 2013.
For more behind the scenes information check out the making-of.

Special Thanks to: Valentin Boomes, Yoann Lemoine, Universal Music, Green United Music, Fanny Tardy, Pierre Le Ny, Teoman Saymin, Tina Preuss, Rudolf Diesel, Felix Angermaier, Patrick Schwarz

This is the third clip of the ‘Beast’ series. Check out the other clips below.

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Performers: Tom Kleinschmidt, Richard Naumertat, Erik Gross, Christian Döbrich, Octavio Trindade, Carsten Beier, David Raderecht, Sebastian Linda